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    Net/Connection/RatsNest Lines


      I know I saw something about this but can't find it.

      Is it possible to display a net or connection line (rats nest) for only one net at a time.

      Or better yet also use shift/cntrl and see only those selected.

      Looking to at just highlighted pads of where a net goes is really a pain.

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          David Ricketts

          Set the default setting of View Unroutes Details in View/Nets to None. Then you can turn on the unroutes of any net individually.

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            In PADS Router to Options-Global-General-Highlight object display-select Dimming other object colors- Brightness-adjust 'high-low' slider. This will dim everything else except selected Net.


            Regards, Yan

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              David Ricketts

              Trouble with that method is you can't see anything else, because it's all dimmed!  Cross hatching isn't any better, either. Highlighting with just a color change is much more effective, but you can't do that in Router. You can in Layout, but it doesn't seem to stick very well, as the highlight isn't persistent.

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                Thanks for the help, but can't seem to get it to work.

                I would need to move all nets into the view list first correct?

                Or just leave default there?

                Then I would have to shift select all nets then hit None?

                Well yes it does turn off all Unroutes, however when you select a net all you see is pads in highlighted color, the "RatsNest Lines" do nto appear.

                Must be missign something simple?



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                  David Ricketts

                  In the View Nets window, there is a "default" setting in the View List. Select just that, and you can turn off all the connections. After that, you can add individual nets to the list, and turn them on one at a time, or as a group. For this to work right, the connection setting in View Nets needs to remain on, in whatever color you prefer (this might be the setting you're missing). Only use  the View Nets window to turn them on and off. You can do this from the menu, but it might be easier to select the trace(s) first, right click and select View Nets from the context menu. Then, only the nets you select should appear in the Net List. Move those over to the View Net list, and make the setting you need.This process is kind of cumbersome, but it's about the best PADS can manage.


                  There is another level of how the connections appear. If "View Traces" is on, the nets appear when you move a part, regardless of the setting. If that is a problem, you need to turn off View Traces for those nets. When I place a board, this is how I treat all of the power and ground nets. Then I get confused when I start routing, and the trace disappears. Then I remember the View Trace settings, and set it back to on.

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                    YES thanks that was the missing link not that nets need to stay viewed on but actually needing that window to actually control what is visible and not just a global setting.

                    and YES WOW is that ever so cumbersome!!!!!!  But it does accomplish the task even if you have to jump through few a few hoops.

                    I guess it boils down to the way PADS controls visibility with color rather than actually turning an entity on or off, so with that basic way of control it would be

                    major software change to probably fix.

                    Just so used to it, with many other tools, to be able to with one click away setting to turn off all connections lines (rats nest)  and without havign to do anything else

                    when you select an individual pin it shows that complete connection line. Then all you need to do is hit shift and multiple pads and you have just those connections showing.

                    Finally in PADS being able to see just one or a few connections makes the job a little easier, not a smooth a way as I would have hoped though.

                    Thanks for the help !


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                      yes, Orcad is much more straightforward (quick) in that regard, however there are tradeoffs.


                      one thing you can do to speed up the process is select the pin you are interested in, or the net, then RMB, select view net


                      the net you are interested in will appear in the View Nets dialogue box, then you can either add or remove it from the selection, and change color to one that stands out from the rest, this is much quicker than going to the View Nets dialogue and trying to find the net you are interested in


                      further, you can select the net by enabling cross probing and do it from the schematic (now try doing that with Orcad!)


                      suffice it to say that every CAD layout package has their strengths and weaknesses compared to others