DxDesigner scripting, change net.name to match Component name

Discussion created by jim.frederick on Mar 3, 2012
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I'm looking for some sample .VBS code or suggestions to rename some net names to match the component name that it's attached to. For example, if I have components Cx for x=1 thru 100, I'd like to change all net names for nets connected to pin 1 using a name like Nx - so the net connected to C1 pin 1 would get a name N1 and C2 pin 1 would get a name N2 and so on.


I'm new to DxDesigner automation but I'm familiar with VBS and text manipulation (including regular expressions).


Why I want to do this: I have a matrix of hundreds of components that need to be interconnected. The interconnection algorithm is easy for me to code in .VBS and is certaily easier than manually drawing interconnections by hand.


So, I could use some sample code or suggestions that would help me go thru a list of selected components, determine the component name, find the net connected to a pin on the component and rename that net.