Grow/Shrink board outline or other polygon

Discussion created by Patrick.Cashman on Mar 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2012 by Patrick.Cashman

Does anyone know of a way to grow/shrink a polygon shape programatically?


I've explored all the functionality under document.BoardOutline, BoardOutline.Geometery, and the Keyin command tool.


So far nothing.


A comprehensive list of keyin commands would be very useful.  I cannot find it in the help.


Also there is an undocumented feature under BoardOutline: CloneInternal.  Nothing in the help on that.  It also exists under UserLayerGfx and in a couple of other places.  Does anyone know what it does?  It sounds like it would make a copy of the board outline on some other layer, but who knows what layer that might be?


Thanks in advance for any input,