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    Inclusion in the setup file




      i think it would be helpful if the following are included in the installation files of all the softwares


      1.Server services (i observed in some vendor independent flow installation files there is no server services to install Ex:LP wizard 10.4).

      2.Dot net framework 3.5.


      it would be good enough if "mentor license utility" is included otherwise we need to have a separate installation file for installing this




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          Hi Sravan,


          Very good questions. Responses below:


          1. At this time the only "Flow" release that delivers LP Wizard 10.4 is the PADS9.4 Flow. I agree that having LP Wizard included in the Independent Flow release is a good idea. I will look into how we should log this request with engineering. If I need anything further from you, I will let you know.
          2. We are investigating the idea of having the Mentor Install Program (MIP) offer to install any pre-requisite Microsoft .NET or VC++ redistributable packages, as part of the pre-install phase of the installation. Which packages to offer for installation would of course depend on the needs of the product(s) being installed (in this use case, LP Wizard 10.4 requires .NET 3.5). If we were to add such functionality, I’m not sure if we would offer to deliver the full installation of .NET packages or the web-version. The newer .NET distributions do get to be quite large (some are >100MB) so that is something we need to be mindful of.


          Including the Mentor License Utility (currently a separate download):


          We are working on migrating much of the functionality in the Mentor License Utility into the Mentor Install Program (MIP) itself. If you have the IND7.9.3 installation downloaded (or EE7.9.3, BSXE7.9.3), it uses a current version of MIP containing some new license configuration functions (see below videos). In a future release of MIP we are looking to add even more features including the ability to configure the license manager.


          Installing a Mobile Compute License (video)

          Using the Advanced Environment Editor for Licensing (video)

          Configuring Mentor Standard Licensing (video)