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Reboot Required! Issue

Question asked by bobby on Mar 10, 2012
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I am having problems installing Pads 9.3 on my new Windows 7 Pro 64-bit machine. Every time I try to install the software I get a message that pops up telling me that Visual C++ 2008 Redistribuation has been installed and I need to reboot the computer in order to coninute with the installation. However, no matter what I do the message pops up each and every time.


I have tried installing the Visual C++ 2008 before starting the Pads install, no luck. I have installed the newest C++ distro, no luck.


What could be the problem? I have successfully installed Pads 9.3 on a different Win 7 64-bit machine so I am at a loss.







.... I forgot to add: I have also tried using the Pads 9.4 as well. Same result.