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    Tools to monitor license usage?


      I am looking for some tools to monitor license usage to better understand additional needs.

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          There are numerous 3rd party tools. I personally use Flexnet Manager from Flexara - the owners of flexlm/flexnet. Others are out there. Some require installation of a client on your users workstations and that was not an option for us. For those interested in license administration there is a user group called CELUG (CELUG.com) that works with Mentor and other vendors to further productive relationships and positive changes in license management. CELUG meets by phone every month and some of those meetings are these 3rd party reporting tools. You get a chance to hear about the tools without having to meet with a salesperson unless you are interested. DISCLAIMER - I am on the steering committee for CELUG so I have to plug it every chance I get but it is a great resource for those in license administration.