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    Syncing new Symbols to ODBC


      Hi all,


      I have recently started using PADS and I have gone through all of the tutorials and am confident in using it all properly.

      I have to create my own library from scrath but need it to be stored in a database for ease of access in the future.


      I have set up the ODBC properly, pointed to it and linked it properly with DxDatabook. I understand how databook imports symbols from the ODBC but I don't understand how to write a symbol I create to the ODBC without having to manually edit the ODBC.

      Could anyone shed some light on the process please? Do I need to export the symbol to a certain location or something



      Richard Long

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          Symbols are not stored in the database, merely referenced by the parametric data stored there. Create your symbols and store them in a 'library' which is just a folder structure on your disk. For ease-of-use put the folder coincident with the database (if using ACCESS or Excel they can be in the same folder). The folder structure can be sub-divided into families of parts with a root 'library' then maybe 'discrete' and 'logic' sub folders, in the sub-folders create a 'sym' folder and store the symbols in this folder. In the parametric database you will need to edit the symbol field to point to the 'logic' folder and symbol name for example logic:LS00 just as you need to add the other parametric data to the database tables.

          You should be able to find examples in the install tree.

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            Hi Rob,


            Thanks for the reply but I should have made myself clearer.

            I want to know if when you create a part and add all of the parametric data, should it upload to the database from DxDatabook automatically.

            Or do you have to edit the parametric data for the part by editing the database.

            can the database be edited by the databook and vice versa?



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              The answer differs on the layout tool design flow.


              In general, the parametric data should not be added to the symbol except as a visual placeholder for the database information.   In the Expedition flow, I do not have any value information on symbol properties.  With the PADS flow this differs and due to the tool checking  symbol values are entered, for example  "DATASHEET=REF" and "VALUE=0".  In all cases the visibility is specified on the symbol and the primary properties are positioned in the correct location verifying the Property font origin and placement.


              In the EE flow, a tool called Library Manager manages the central libary and can update the database properties and coordinate the symbol properties with the PART properties.  Using the PADS flow, the databases are separate.  The DxDatabook database is updated via the database tool such as Microsoft Access and the DxDatabook window pane is read only on the schematic.  TheDxDesigner symbol can be exported to the PADS part type using the .p file.


              Have you reviewed the PADS evaluation guide as shipped with the PADS release?

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                There is another thread on the topic you should review.