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Question asked by mlehrkind on Mar 21, 2012
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I know the student editions are supposed to be pretty selfsupporting but a basic outline of the process would sure help.


I have downloaded the software, then there was a form that seemed to be the licensing downloaded a file called modelsim-pe_student_edition.exe

that created an executable install.exe which can verify the installation.  That seems to checkout. But no licensing.


I have also directly run the executable as it finished downloading as per these instructions:

Step 1 - Download the Latest Software
- You must be logged in as the administrator on the computer you are installing ModelSim PE Student Edition.
- To begin the process, download the software from the FTP server by completing the ModelSim PE Student Edition license
  agreement form from the downloads tab.
- Select the FTP link provided on the confirmation page and downloaded the .exe file.

Step 2 - Install the Software
- After the file downloads completely, double-click on the exe file to start the installation process.

Step 3 - Complete the License Request Form
- At the end of the installation process, select Finish and a browser window will invoke with the License Request form

But no browser window is invoked - I have turned off my firewall; I have three different browsers to choose from: Chrome, IE, and Safari...but nothing


The original download and install via a file called: modelsim-win32-10.1a-se.exe installs the files that the modelsim-pe_student_edition.exe seems to be checking.  When modelsim-win32-10.1a-se.exe finishes installing - it does launch a licensing wizard but not sure if that is what is needed or not.  The first screen asks if there is a licensing dongle...there isn't.  After "no" it asks for hostname information for a licensing server.  I don't really have one of those either. There is a tool to configure a license server...but that hangs and goes into "not responding". So....what is the correct procedure?


Which files do I need to download?

Which form do I fill out to get a student license?

If that is all fail, what other options are there?


help my assignments are coming a three bit counter - and a 4:1 mux.


thanks mark