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    Student edition


      I know the student editions are supposed to be pretty selfsupporting but a basic outline of the process would sure help.


      I have downloaded the software, then there was a form that seemed to be the licensing bit...it downloaded a file called modelsim-pe_student_edition.exe

      that created an executable install.exe which can verify the installation.  That seems to checkout. But no licensing.


      I have also directly run the executable as it finished downloading as per these instructions:

      Step 1 - Download the Latest Software
      - You must be logged in as the administrator on the computer you are installing ModelSim PE Student Edition.
      - To begin the process, download the software from the FTP server by completing the ModelSim PE Student Edition license
        agreement form from the downloads tab.
      - Select the FTP link provided on the confirmation page and downloaded the .exe file.

      Step 2 - Install the Software
      - After the file downloads completely, double-click on the exe file to start the installation process.

      Step 3 - Complete the License Request Form
      - At the end of the installation process, select Finish and a browser window will invoke with the License Request form

      But no browser window is invoked - I have turned off my firewall; I have three different browsers to choose from: Chrome, IE, and Safari...but nothing


      The original download and install via a file called: modelsim-win32-10.1a-se.exe installs the files that the modelsim-pe_student_edition.exe seems to be checking.  When modelsim-win32-10.1a-se.exe finishes installing - it does launch a licensing wizard but not sure if that is what is needed or not.  The first screen asks if there is a licensing dongle...there isn't.  After "no" it asks for hostname information for a licensing server.  I don't really have one of those either. There is a tool to configure a license server...but that hangs and goes into "not responding". So....what is the correct procedure?


      Which files do I need to download?

      Which form do I fill out to get a student license?

      If that is all fail, what other options are there?


      help my assignments are coming due...design a three bit counter - and a 4:1 mux.


      thanks mark

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          New information on new try to install: Got a Mentor Graphics Install program to run - there was an install.exe in the MentorGraphics folder that I think was created by running the modelsim-pe_student_edition.exe.

          But I got an error during installation unable to run postinstall.bat.  And since I don't find that file...that would make sense.  Is that the hangup?



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            Hello Mark,


            The ModelSim-PE Student Edition is available free of charge, but does not include any Support from Mentor Graphics.


            Have you tried the Google Groups? I went there and there were several threads on installation and problems obtaining a license. Most of them had solutions. That is probably your best option.




            Best regards,


            Ken Foster

            Mentor Graphics Customer Support

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              Just My Opinion ...BUT... If the software won't install and support says too bad. What kind of opinion does that leave you with regarding the company, it's support and it's software? 5 Star?


              I've been on Pads/Mentor maintenance since the mid 1980's. I get good help and support from Mentor ... and  ... IMO ... so should a Student that MAY elect to use Mentor products and be on Mentor maintenace for the next 30 years.


              Verify the Student Status (College/TechSchool) and provide at least enough support to install the licensing and get the program up and running. The group forums can handle application related questions. RLS

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                Hi Mark,


                The link to request a license for the Student Edition of Modelsim is here http://portal.model.com/d/license_request.asp





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                  Thanks for the support and try -- the download ran (30 mins to get file) and nothing.  I turned off my firewall but I am wondering if my router is blocking access?  Seems weird.  Or maybe Mcafee or Windows does not like the access routine or whatever is going on.  Very frustrating.


                  thanks all for trying though.  Makes me feel good about the community.



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                    Final status update.  Was running Modelsim via VPN and a thinclient to the univeristy computer lab.  This was made very exciting because Modelsim would crash enough that I started keeping track: 13 times at last count.  Luckily it was usually when I was trying to quit the simulations.  While working on the project I had an additional Safari window open so that I could access the class notes.  When I tried to close down for dinner, Safari stopped responding.  I tried to kill it with TaskManager but even that was having trouble terminating the process:  when the Safari process was finally forced to quit about 6 install shield windows opened up telling me that modelsim was trying to install.  I let one of the installs continue and terminated the rest and I finally got the license page to load -- in a new Firefox window and then I got my license...yay.


                    So not sure why or how Safari was holding up the installs - and what finally convinced it to release them as I had previously closed Safari without any kind of installs showing up.  Anyway success. Finally.