Infinite wisdom

Discussion created by ampohms on Mar 23, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2012 by robert_davies

I think MG should make all the small PADS file icons identical.  That way we can never tell which application we're trying to open until we've already wasted our time opening the wrong one.  Oh wait... they've already done that.


Compare new:



to old:



I also think MG should allow shortcut commands to be customized, but exclude important ones that are used over and over like rotate, rotate group, flip horizontal, flip vertical, ground, off page, and alternate.  That way, the users can continue to flex their left hand into a severe cramps trying to hit the Ctrl, the Alt, and some other key repeatedly throughout a design.  Oh wait... they already did that too.


Since we're on the subject of wisdom and common sense, why not update the PADS user interface to the "new and improved" Windows 7 toolbar format - more complicated toolbars, with all new icons to remember, that take up three times as much space as ever before, and common menu options that used to be visible and readily available that are now buried.  Its so COMPLETELY intuitive, I can't believe they didn't do it the first time around.  C'mon MG, get on the bandwagon!  We're all taking a step backward, and we want you to be on board with it.