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    Infinite wisdom


      I think MG should make all the small PADS file icons identical.  That way we can never tell which application we're trying to open until we've already wasted our time opening the wrong one.  Oh wait... they've already done that.


      Compare new:



      to old:



      I also think MG should allow shortcut commands to be customized, but exclude important ones that are used over and over like rotate, rotate group, flip horizontal, flip vertical, ground, off page, and alternate.  That way, the users can continue to flex their left hand into a severe cramps trying to hit the Ctrl, the Alt, and some other key repeatedly throughout a design.  Oh wait... they already did that too.


      Since we're on the subject of wisdom and common sense, why not update the PADS user interface to the "new and improved" Windows 7 toolbar format - more complicated toolbars, with all new icons to remember, that take up three times as much space as ever before, and common menu options that used to be visible and readily available that are now buried.  Its so COMPLETELY intuitive, I can't believe they didn't do it the first time around.  C'mon MG, get on the bandwagon!  We're all taking a step backward, and we want you to be on board with it.

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          it looks like there are some good ideas hidden in all that cynicism.  Did you post them on the bright ideas site?

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            The icons are a  nuisance, but easily fixed with a new icon assignment.


            The shortcut command issue is definitely not minor.  I mentioned it multiple times, via message boards and defect reports, many years ago when they transitioned from PADS2005 to PADS2007.  PADS2005 contained two files (plogmenu.dat and menufile.dat) that allowed you to customize every command in PADS.  Finding these files way back when was a big help, because prior to that, every shortcut command included Ctrl or Alt or both.  Who's bright idea was it to provide shortcut commands that would be used over and over that required the use of Ctrl and/or Alt?


            Anyway, they got rid of those files since the 2007 release.  Instead, they included a customization feature.  But the customization feature didn't allow you to customize certain commands.  Do you know how many times a day I use the Rotate command?  After multiple posts and no action on the issue, I finally abandoned the later versions of PADS altogether.  PADS2005 was relatively bug free, and I'd already found workarounds for the bugs that did exist.  But, now PADS2005 isn't supported in WinXP, so I'm forced to use the later versions.  Hand cramps, all over again!  JEEZ!!!

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              Ya know, this kind of thing has been an issue for me too with many of the CAD tools out there.

              I've spent alot of time over the years preaching that rant to many CAD companies.

              Some fell on deaf ears some actually listened.

              But bottom line, IMHO, is the handful of functions that designers use a gazillion times a day need to be one click away period.

              Too many CAD companies still don't seem to get this basic phylosophy.

              My first CAD experience was with Cadnetix and back in the day they had that right.

              A designer could make all of the things that need to be done with one finge rof the left hand and/or one finger of the right.

              Their function keys & mouse did it all.

              I kind of laugh at the saleperson telling me well you could record macros, assign keys etc. I say hog wash to that.

              It should "OUT OF THE BOX" function in a fashion that these type of commands are a click away.

              For the money we are paying for these systems,

              IMHO why should I as a designer have to spend my time recording macros, setting up custom keys, etc.

              Then possibly only to have stuff like that get trashed 2 or 3 releases down the road, even though they usually say it won't.

              My 2 cents.

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                Another thought on this subject with PADS, the amount of work to just turn on & off a specific connection line or lines (net lines, or rats nest) 

                quite a bit of workout on the old digits!!!!!!!!!! Again it is these simple things needing to do them a large number of time a day that they make so difficult.

                It would also have been nice to have these net lines on fro a net or at least highlight the net you are tryign to draw a split plane for.

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