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    export CCZ file with testpoint information


      If you use the tools camcad is possible to define some testpoints by nets and assign the some proble name

      when you open the CCZ file with Visecad there are the possibility to show the probe plavc or unplace.


      I would like to use this possibility inside expedition to add the information of the testpoint in the CCZ.


      Somebody have information avout the CCZ files ? How to add these information ? or do you have a script ?


      Thanks in advance

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          Noting needs to do if you use ExpeditoncPCB 7.9 and above version. ExpeditionPCB 7.9 support to define Test Probe type/size  and assign it to testpoint. The body diameter and tip diameter information all be associated with the dividual testpoint in ccz output.  In VisECAD, you can see the Test Probe Body both diamenter and Tip dimater, all expressed in um unit.