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    What commands do you use most in DxDesigner?


      Recently there have been some interesting posts on the various communities regarding the ergonomics of the tools you use everyday. As we continue to develop DxDesigner we'd like to address these issues to make the tool more focused on the task in hand. So what commands do you use most often and are these buried away in sub-menu's or options? What commands would you like to have one-click access to? We may not reach a consensus but with your input we can at least make an informed decision on where we need to change things. This forum is a good place to start, and please continue to post your Ideas on the DxDesigner Ideas pages.




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          One Item that is really annoying is the location of the Variants (both standard and Functional Variants).

          Currently they are located on the View --> Other Windows menu tab.


          This seems a strange place to locate this. Therefore can it be moved to either its own menu or located under a more relevant menu for example Tools.

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            The reasoning behind the current location is that these tools are both Add-ins and all of the Add-ins are located under the View menu, items like Navigator, DxDataBook, Thumbnails. But I have also referred to them as tools, so I follow your thinking. When looking at the general interface we will consider all such suggestions.

            By the way, do you know that you can easily add the buttons for Variants and Function Managed Variants to a toolbar using the View - Toolbars - Customise command. Go to the Commands Tab - View option and simply drag the icon onto a toolbar of your choice.