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Pin Types Changed In Symbol Editor Not Appearing On Block

Question asked by sauber_john on Mar 28, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2012 by sauber_john

Hi there,


I am wondering if someone knows what I am missing here. I have several blocks with nets and busses running between them. When I edit each block with the Symbol Editor, I make sure that all of my pins are designated with the proper type (IN, OUT, or BI). The shape of the pin changes in the symbol editor and everything looks good. When I close the editor and am returned to my page with the blocks and nets, the pin type does not propogate to the block.


Is there another setting I need to change in order to have visual indication on the symbol of which direction a pin is?


On a related note, every time I open the symbol editor, the grid size is not what I want the default to be. When I change it in preferences, the setting seems to save for the one instance, but closing and re-opening the editor does not seem to have an effect.


Thanks for any advice the community may have!