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    Two questions when use Vesys 2.0 for design work


      Hi Community!


      About the Vesys 2.0, I have two questions,  Could you give me some comment?


      1>    In Wiring digrams from Vesys 2.0, If I don’t write the “harness Attribute” for connectors, wirings, etc., the wiring information couldn’t be synchronized to harness diagrams.

      But it’s easy to make mistakes when write the “harness Attribute” by hand, Does these mistakes can be checked by Vesys 2.0 itself?


      2>    In Harness diagrams from Vesys 2.0, how to create the sub-harness with different options in this software? Such as the “derivatives” in Capital or a “Configuration table” in Vesys Electrical.

             Because this is difficult to manage out of software.


      Best Regards!


      Xu Zhigang from Shanghai, China