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    IBIS AMI Channel Analysis with Touchstone Connector Models




      Does anyone know if it is possbile to run a AMI Channel Analysis using Touchstone connector models on a Multi Board project?

      When using simple connector models the simulation run fine and generates a good Eye.

      When we include the advanced toucstone connector model the AMi Channel analysis defaults back to ADMS/HSPICE and runs indefnitely.


      What is the couse of this?



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          Yes, you can use Touchstone models for connectors in the IBIS-AMI channel analyzer. I suggest that you use the Touchstone Viewer to check the quality of the S-parameters, Then run a short simulation (one edge) in the oscilloscope to verify that the circuit behaves as expected. Try it with the SI-SPICE simulator. It is the fastest simulator that uses S-parameters. The stalled analysis is most likely in the channel characterization, not in the eye generation.