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    Can't drop a Via


      I've checked settings in as many places as I can think, but I can't drop any vias.

      Can't figure out why all of a sudden I can't drop a via.

      Anybody have any ideas on the most likely places & not so most liekly places to look.

      It doe shave blind vias 1-6 & 7-12 along with a couple thruu sizes.

      Thaey are all in the list as usable. Drill pairs are set up.

      Can't see where it went south


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          Do you have any net or conditional or other rules set?


          You may have to allow the vias under those settings also.

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            I seem to remember that you might have trouble manually inserting a via if there is more than one via type defined. Start a dummy route, right click and select the via type you want. You should be able to insert it now.

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              Thank you to both posters for help!

              I really feel silly now, totally forgot that anytime drill pairs are set up with a partial pair you MUST also set up a Top & Bottom pair.

              I looked at that menu a number of times and it just didn't click.

              I finally spotted the error message that pops up quickly when placign a via which led me to pair set up menu one more time

              which is when that huge light bulb went off in my head.