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Solderability issue related to Thermal value

Question asked by sabitha.jamal on Apr 11, 2012
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     This is related to the Solderability issue of Through hole joints with respect to Thermal value . We have seen, the matching of valor issue points in through hole solder joints  with the actual issue in shop floor by doing thermal checks with some specific set of values in sq mils.We set the thermal values after running the trials with different boards.Valor will consider the no of spokes and spoke width and copper oz for getting thermal value .But our customer is asking that why valor is not considering the length of the spokes because thermal resistence always dependent on length of the conductor. In my point of view this spoke length will affect the air gap area too around the drill,Is there any reason not considering this parameter in drill checks. Can you please clarify this so that we can close this point on running  DFM board.



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