Farnell web - get values of component

Discussion created by MaBUa on Apr 11, 2012
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Hello all,

I always fight with manual creation of order and price offer. (EE7.9.2)

Can somenody help me wit automation of this task?


I have parts which have properties "Distributor" with value "Farnell" and "Order number" with appropirate order number from Farnell web pages.

I would need to check availability of this Farnell parts on its home page and get some additional properties.

Then I'd like to generated an ASCII BOM file which would contain the necessary data from my design (e.g. compressed format of Ref.Des, part number, cell name and so on) plus data extracted from farnell web page (see my picture... price per component, min. order).


The best way would be to make all this steps in an external software (utility) or can be made in Dxd by sript.


What do you mean about it... is it feasible by VB?


Many thanks