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(Rats)Nets connect off the pads

Question asked by Wayne on Apr 16, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2012 by kbak

OK, curious issue here that I've also noted in past rev's but always been able to fix/corrrect.


When placing components or moving them the unrouted net moves off of the pad where it is supposed to originate/terminate.  (In other words the net terminus is offset by a certain amount of X and Y)  In the past I've been able to fix this by refreshing the screen, minimizing/maximizing again, saving and reopening or worst case, closing and reopening.

This time I've done all the above and it is still haywire.  This issue makes it very difficult to place parts since you are never really sure where the net starts/stops.


I've attached a screenshot so hopefully you can all better understand what's happening.


Any thoughts?





***I"ve added a second screenshot with arrows showing where the offending nets ought to be.***