How to find out the sheet number of a component (refdes)?

Discussion created by vkhurana on Apr 17, 2012
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I have multi-gated parts (such as an FPGA) scattered across multiple sheets in the schematic.  For example, U1 is on sheet2, sheet3, and sheet4.  I am having the user identify the refdes of the component on which he wants the script to run...so for example, say the refdes entered by the user is U1...the way the script is setup is that it works fine on the sheet that is currently open or the activeview but since the component U1 is scattered on 2 more pages, I need the script to run on 2 more sheets...and for this to happen (i.e. script to run on 2 more sheets) I need to know the sheet # of the component...so question is how to obtain the sheet number(s) of a component refdes (for e.g. U1)...any ideas?