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Strange update fault with a part type

Question asked by richard.long on Apr 18, 2012
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Hi all,


I'm experiencing a strange fault when I update my PCB board from a schematic.

I want to change a 2225 capacitor for a 1812 but when I update it keeps putting the 2225 footprint in to PADS layout. It resets the part type as well so that that decal is the only one set to that part type.

I have changed other components no problem but for some reason is throwing a wobbly on the non polarised capacitors.


Does anyone know what the likely cause of this is? I haven't named anything perculiarly and have updated all of the databases/configurations files e.t.c properly.

I have looked through all of the properties and tried editing the PCB layout through the ECO mode to no avail



Richard Long