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problem with parts not loading in from library when importing net-list?????

Question asked by shkang on Apr 20, 2012
Latest reply on May 20, 2013 by jduquette

Software: PADs layout and Logic Version 9.4


I am trying to import a net-list derived from logic into pads layout but I get import errors saying it cant find some parts even though they are in the library.




No decals assigned for part type CON\HDR\24L

Can't find part decal item < PCBNULL >



CON\HDR\24L is a generic part for a 24 pin header and has no decal assigned in the library.


The decal (PANASONIC\AXK724147G\24L) has been assigned in the schematic using the PART PROPERTIES box which assigns/associates the decal which gets included when you generate the netlist.


So is this a limitation of Pads, a bug or is am doing something wrong? I'm unable to find anything useful in the help files apart from the ASCII help which states the when you import an ASCII it looks first for the PART name then DECAL name from the library lists (which are all shared and allow searches).


Normally the decal is assigned to the part in the library and isnt a problem but why have a function to assign a decal in the schematic in the first place if it doesn't work?


BTW I tried modifying the netlist to see if PADS could find a part if I manually changed a part with a library assigned decals  to another decal

eg changed CAP\0402@C0402  to CAP\0402@C1210.


C1210 is not associated to the PART type but PADS was able to find it in the library and import into the why can this be found and not the other parts? They are all stored in the same library?


Has anyone else experienced similar problems or can point out where I am going wrong?........its been a long day!!!