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Getting "hyperlinks" into the Expedition PCB Output Window

Question asked by on Apr 25, 2012
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Hi All,


I'm beginning to "pimp" our pcb ...  I'm looking for an quick&dirty&easy method for linking output window information to pcb.

I found some similar discussion at here .


I played a little bit and can link the Error/Note/Warning, but not nets. I tried with RegisterErrorExpression

but when I run my script twice, pcb crashes complety every time (with objOutputTab.AppendHTML(Line))


At moment my outputwindow shows :


pcb: Note 6032: Net +DC24extA: more then 1 Testpoint on net  3/1


in VB code is:


Line = "pcb: Note 6035: net +DC24extA: more then 1 Testpoint on net  3/1"



Any Idea, how to get clicking on Netname working ?


BR Michi