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    Basic script for external BOM import (update BOM from customer)




      Everytime when the end customer make a new revision of their project they send to us a new bill of material. Then we prepare our internal excell file including our data for PADS logic. Then we manually put all changes into older schematic. It takes to much time i think. Is it possible to speed up this process? Maybe it is possible to write some BOM importing script?

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          That sounds very dangerous.  PADS Logic or DxD are meant to be the master of the BOM.


          That being said, you might try something like this:


          Assuming you have a schematic from a previous revision, and your customer has only changed part values...

          Assuming you have a well structured library...


          You can ASCII out only your parts from the 'master' schematic.


          This will list your parts in a format something like this:


          U3           IC_RS485_SOIC-8...


          "Part Number" SN65HVD12D


          "Manufacturer #1" Texas Instruments



          So at this point you could write a script (PERL is good for this type of work) to replace the part information with your customers part information.  Then ASCII that back into the schematic.


          U3           IC_RS485_SN65HVD12D_TI_U0013 14700 7200    0 1 97 10 97 10 5 6 8 0 0 10


          "Part Number" I7 processor in BGA package


          "Manufacturer #1" Intel


          I still see this as very likely to not catch BOM/footprint errors until the board is at the assembly house, and that is much too late in the process ($$$ boards are fabricated, parts are purchased $$$).