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    Problems encountered using VALUE property with brackets in DA


      Hi All,


      This  request is on behalf of one of our customers. This customer uses  Classic Board Station Flow. The customer is facing an issue in  downstream tools like Fablink due to an issue that has its roots in  Design Architect. (which the customer has diagnosed themselves).




      During  schematic entry in DA, the customer is manually populating the VALUE  property with a text starting with the character NL. This to specify  that the specific part is Not Loaded in a certain assembly. I’ve shown a  snapshot below showing two scenarios.




      The  first snapshot with the open bracket string “NL(0.1uF” is creating  problem in downstream applications like Fablink during ‘Check Artworks’.  (Scepter, which is invoked in the background crashes with m2s_err  message)




      The 2nd snapshot below shows the one which does not create any such issues. You  can observe here that the VALUE property shows the value as “NL(0.1uF)  with the closing brackets.




      I  was able to simulate the problem working over their design directly.  And I’ve observed that it does not produce any errors when the closing  brackets are present. You can also simulate the problem by using the  Section of the schematic shown below in the snapshots.




      If  the user inadvertently forgets to close the bracket while populating  the VALUE property, it results in Check Artwork functionality in Fablink  to crash with m2s_err message. The Check Artwork functionality invokes  scepter in the background. I understand that scepter tries to extract a  Netlist from layout to cross check with the artworks and when it  encounters an open bracket string it crashes down. Since scepter is an  obsolete product, can something be done in Design Architect to pick this  kind of problem and pop-up a warning for the user?




      The  Default Sheet/Schematic check does not flag this issue as a  warning/error, but I’m aware that a User specified ‘schematic userrule’  file can be specified to make DA pop them up as warnings. Please assist  in writing this file for me and using it in DA or suggest any other  better method to report such problems in DA.




      Can someone help me with a custom AMPLE code to pick up such problems in Design Architect?



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          Hi radhakrishnan,


          userrule can be set simply by editing the macro file indicated by 'Check > Sheet > Set Default' menu.




          Below is an example code that walk through each instance in the sheet and collect errors (VALUE properties that don't have closing bracket) to show in check report.

          You can add the check by appending below snippet to your macro file.



            local inst_handles = $get_instance_handles();


            local i, value;

            for (i = 0; i < length(inst_handles); i = i+1)


              value = $get_object_property_attributes(inst_handles[i], "VALUE", @value)[0];

              if (value != UNDEFINED)


                if ($string_locate(value, "\\(", 0) != UNDEFINED)   // value has '(' character


                  if ($string_locate(value, "\\)", 0) == UNDEFINED)   // value does not have ')' character

                  $set_userrule_error($strcat("Invalid VALUE property '", value, "' on ", inst_handles[i]));








          Please refer to 'Chapter 5. Design Error Checking - Setting Up the Check Command' in da_user.pdf(Design Architect User's Manual) for details about setting user rules, and da_ref.pdf(Design Architect Reference Manual) for Ample function details.


          Hope this helps...