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    Vesys Components - Part Versions




      What is the best way to create versions of parts?


      For example...


      We have a genuine connector part number made by one manufacture: part number xxxx-xxxx. This part number is used as our internal part number and the supplier part number.


      We also have an identical version of this connector sourced from a different supplier in another country, The part number for this connector is YYYY-YYYY.


      We want to be able to choose the genuine connector part number (xxxx-xxxx), and then be given the option of choosing the equivalent part (YYYY-YYYY). Is this possible?


      I have tried using the 'alternate part' section in the 'extra' tab, but it doesn't seem to do anything but display the alternate part in that box. Is it possible to use this anywhere when adding to a harness so that it gives the choice of alternate connector?


      I have also tried adding the equivalent part as a second supplier in the supplier tab, but it doesnt give me an option anywhere to pick individually which supplier should be used for each connector when it is used more than once on a harness.


      What is the best way of achieving what I require?


      Many Thanks

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          You are able to control which supplier part number is shown in the BOM using the preferred checkbox in the supplier part number tab.


          Preferred Connector.png


          The BOM view still displays the internal "genuine" part number as well as the "preferred" supplier part number as well.

          Preferred BOM View.png


          Does this give you what you need ?




          Phil D

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            Hello Phil,


            It does and doesnt fix my problem.


            This works on a system wide level, but if on two drawings we want different suppliers then this would mean continusly changing the preffered supplier for all parts, which isnt possible.


            Ideally we would also like the 2nd version of the part (which has a different part number) to be searchable in Vesys components.


            I feel like it could be done with the alternate part box, but I cant figure out how to use this in Vesys design/harness.