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    EULA Site Definition


      Just curious about the "Site Definition" as prescribed by the current EULA.


      This 800 meter definition is rather draconian in this, the age of the cloud, IMO.


      What if a company has a bank of servers in "location X" that is hundreds, if not thousands

      of miles away from an actual "Site" where wotk is being performed? Does the EULA forbid a

      floating license being used at two or more different phyical locations within the same corporation

      from the same rtemote server?


      If so, how does the billing and licensing work in a situation like this?


      Let's say the, MAIN SERVER is in Washington State, serving "Sites" in say THREE other states.


      How would this work? Just curious as to how many hoops we need to jump through in a case like the above.


      Thanks. Patrick