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How do i enter and compensate for internal package wire length

Question asked by Psberro on May 10, 2012
Latest reply on May 10, 2012 by yu.yanfeng

Hello Everyone,


I'm using CES 7.9.1 and i need to know how can i compensate the internal package scew in langth between two balls.


i know that when i enter "Part" there is a coluomm "package length " for that porpose.


and the questions asked are:


1. if i have many  signals , is there an automated way to inport a txt file and avoid entering the lengthes for each signal? i've seen on the 7.9.3 user guide that there is a import option but i cant find it on 7.9.1.

2. when a doing match group between signal , after ive entred the llength data to CES , does it take automaticly into consideration the package langth in the calculations?


Thanks And BR

Pini .S