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    9.4.1 Update


      I recently updated to PADS Flow 9.4.1.  I used the settings migration tool.  Everytime I start DxDesigner I now have to go into the selection filter and select 'All', it defaults to nothing being selected.  Also, no matter how many times I open a project there are never any projects listed under the recent projects list.

      Do I need to do anything for DxDesigner to remember my choices so I don't have to constanly change the selection filter?

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          Do you have a local WDIR folder that is writeable for you? These settings are stored there, both are in the DxDesigner.xml file. If you have a writeable folder try renaming the DxDesigner.xml and DxDesigner will create a new one.

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            Is there a way to determine which DxDesigner.xml file is being used?


            Also, in the previous version when more than 1 sheet was open they would appear as tabs at the bottom of the window, in 9.4.1 I longer have the tab view.  Is there a setting that will enable the tab view?

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              enable view-schematic tabs in dxdesigner

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                You can check the path via Control Panel for your environment varaiables, via iCDB Server Monitor under 'Settings' or via Dashboard. The variable is WDIR and the left-most entry should be a writeable directory that you have access to, for example WDIR=C:\MyWDIR;X:\CorpWDIR\C:\ C:'install path'\SDD_HOME\standard.


                To show schematic tabs use View - Schematic Tabs as indicated in the other posting.

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                  Thanks for the help everyone.  I was able to enable Tab viewing.  To fix the other problems I had to change the WDIR from 'c:\PADS Projects;C:\MentorGraphics\9.3PADS\SDD_HOME\standard' to 'c:\PADS Projects;C:\MentorGraphics\9.4PADS\SDD_HOME\standard'.