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Translation of Multi-Part Component from Alitum Designer

Question asked by louis.mcgee on May 15, 2012
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I am trying to import and existing design from Altium Designer (Winter 09).  I have a few niggles, but the only one I have not yet been able to overcome is the following error when running the packager:


ERROR: Block Mk5a, Page 1, Symbol $1I146:

Pin A: Gate already mapped

Pin number 9 on symbol pin A identifies a unique gate which has already been mapped to this Reference Designator.

Gate name in Parts DataBase is 74AC04B.


As you might guess from the part name, the problem component is a hex inverter,  It was placed from an ST Micro integrated library in Altium and the properties window in the DxD shows all the relevant information about the component so I think the translation has gone smoothly.3


In Altium the reference designators for the gates went U5A, U5B, U5C..., but in the DxD window they are all referred to as U5 and manually changing the RefDes has no impact.


Is this problem related to the PARTS property of the part?  I cannot find the value of this property in DxD.


Please let me know if I haven't provided enough information.  Thanks for any suggestions you can give!