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Mentor ADMS compiling error

Question asked by kevin.memi on May 20, 2012
Latest reply on May 23, 2012 by guy_wettstein

Hi all,


On our system (Ubuntu 10.10, X86_64 processor), Mentor ADMS 2010a version is installed following the manual. The process completed without any error. Then I try to test the installation phase by following command:


check_mgc_ams_home all

systest all


The result is PASS except a FAIL in complilation phase.

And then, I try co check the C compiler by:


amc -v


This raise a error: "Error: cannot find command: amc"


Finally, I try to compile a simple tutorial ADC-12 from Mentor, and the error is shown as below:


Compiling file adc12-ms.vhd

Compiling Entity Declaration multi_clock

Code generation for work.multi_clock

Compiling Architecture modelsim of multi_clock

Code generation for work.modelsim/multi_clock

Error: (vacom) While compiling file "adc12-ms.vhd":

Code generation failed for unit "modelsim/multi_clock" in library "work"

ARCHITECTURE modelsim/multi_clock deleted


Is is able to display the detail report of the error? It is meaning less to just a 1 line of error like this.


Strongly appreciate your help.

Waiting for any help.