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    Can Vesys 2.0 Calculate the weight


      So can Vesys calculate the weight of a harness and if so how do we go about it?

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          VeSys can calculate harness weight, provided all of the associated components include a weight value in the component library (see illustration below for an example).  The total harness weight would be calculated within a custom report.


          CHS-VeSys Lib Comp Weight.png

          Hope that helps,

          -James W

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            I´ve a problem, when generating a harness weight report (report has been build in report builder - VeSys 2.0 2016). So far the weight report doesn't consider the wire length at all and just Shows the weight/m which has been entered in the weight cell under the applicable wire part number.

            Is there an easy way (without any Java programing) for vesys to consider the wire length for the weight calc?


            Thank you in advance for your efforts.