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    Copy project problems


      I tried to copy a project by doing the following (I don't know of a better way)

      1) Created new, empty project "Test"

      2) Opened old project "ROR" and copied the schematic

      3) Reopened "Test" and pasted the "ROR " schematic into BLOCKS.  I then have to close and reopen the project to see the pasted schematic .

      4) Right clicked the schematic and selected "Create Board".  Now I have  Board and Schematic named "ROR" in the project named "Test"

      5) When I invoke the PCB INTERFACE, I get the following error:


                 Warning 5720: Check ROR.err for VIEWBASE messages

                 Error 5809: Could not open schematic ROR


      I've seen similar posts with this complaint, but I haven't really seen a solution.


      I tried renaming the board and schematic to 'test' but I get the same error.


      I'm stuck, desperate, and miserable.  What's going on? What am I doing wrong?


      Help meeeeeeeeeeee



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          What version are you using? 

          Is this design essentially the same as an older design?  Simply use windows to copy the whole project folder to a new folder, open the schematic and rename all required properties.


          For your present version, have you setup all the project settings to attach to the library and correct cns and padsxxx.cfg files?


          Have you contacted support?

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            Checkout technote MG39843 for some ideas.   http://supportnet.mentor.com/reference/technotes/public/technote.cfm?id=MG39843


            I did run a test by creating a project using copy and pasting blocks, created the board, added the libraries, and had no issues in creating a pcb file with DxDesigner for PADS 9.4

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              This is turning into a nightmare.


              If I copy the project, I'm able to generate the netlist.  However, when I open my schematic, I see a lot of components with pink outlines, implying they need to be updated.  Once I do the update (which works fine), I'm screwed and I get the "Error 5709: Cannot open schematic."


              I should mention that I've upgraded from 9.0.2 to 9.2, so I'm sure that's basis of the problem.  The components come from my custom library, is there something I need to do to update the library?

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                Have you contacted support with regards to this issue? If not then please do so they will be able to provide a quicker response than posting on Communities.


                I have some additional questions regarding the process you are using.


                Does the source project indicate the symbols need updating from the library?


                Have you run DxDesigner Diagnostics on the copy or the source database?


                How are you copying the block ROR you mention, are you copying the 'block' symbol from the Blocks node?


                Are you copying the sheet from the Navigator tree and pasting this into the new project?


                If this is a single level of design you could try copying the sheets directly into the navigator at the Boards Node, first create an empty Schematic1. If you the select this in the navigator and paste from the buffer this sheet will be overwritten by the sheet 1 from the source design.


                Both Gary and I have tested this in the current release and cannot reproduce it.

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                  I'm no longer under maintenance, so I don't think support will talk to me.


                  Yes, the original project also shows symbols needing updating.

                  DxDesigner Diagnostics runs flawlessly

                  I've just copied the original folder to a new location (forget that cutting/pasting I originally spoke of).

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                    If you are sure you've not changed the symbols then you can continue to work without updating them. Try this on the copy and see if you can progress any further. What if you add symbols or conectivity, do you get any issues?

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                      In the navigator, the name of the project, board, and schematics should simply be alpha numeric.  To prevent any issues I would remove spaces also.  An _ character is acceptable.  This is often the root cause of Warning 5720 and the associated error.