HyperLynx LineSim v8.2 crashes everytime I try to "Configure Rx AMI..."

Discussion created by weiming.qian on May 25, 2012
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I just upgrade to HyperLynx v8.2 and have a problem immediately. I wonder if anybody else got the same problem below.


I downloaded Xilinx Virtex-7 Dev board VC707 Allegro Board Source files, imported into HyperLynx BoardSim V8.2, and exported the differential net SMA_MGT_RX_P/SMA_MGT_RX_N into LineSim V8.2. Everything worked fine so far. Now I assign Xilinx Virtex-6 GTX IBIS-AMI models  to two ends of this channel and start IBIS-AMI Channel Analyzer. Following the wizard, when I click "Configure Rx AMI..." and click Model Specific parameter, the LineSim v8.2 (32-bit version) freezes for a long time and then crashes. I've tries several times, and it crashes all the time.


If I don't click "Configure Rx AMI...", and carry on with the simulation, it works fine. But the problem is I cannot change the GTX RX settings, namely the Rx Equalization settings. The LineSim v8.1.1 never has this problem.


BTW, I am running on a Win7 desktop.