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    Creating a test point




      I've been using PADS for a week, and am having trouble creating a simple test point. I'm designing a simple board that consists of 50 Ohm traces terminated in different ways so that students can see the effects of improper termination. All I need is a hole in the solder mask, which I think I can do with a surface mount via, so that students can stick a probe in there and look at the signal. I know there has to be an easy way to do this and feel silly for asking, but after spending a few hours looking through forums and playing around with PADS Layout, I'm at wits end.


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          Create a via and name it whatever you think is appropriate, 35TP for example (where 35 is 35 mils).



          The pad stack for that TP via could be (bear with me, my personal terminology is different than the PADS standard):


          Primary Side: 35 RD Pad

          Inner layers: 0 RD Pad

          Secondary Side:  0 RD Pad


          Primary Soldermask: 41 RD Pad

          Primary Solderpaste: No pad


          Drill size: 0


          I think PADS still makes you place a "regular" via first, you can then select and query the vias you want to change and switch them to 35TP. Set them as Test Points at the same time. I usually glue them also.


          For a bottom-side TP, just use a TH (or SMT where appropriate, with a pad stack the reverse of the one I showed above) via. You can set the probe side pad to a different size than the other side if you wish/need to.

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            Thanks John. I knew somebody would provide a quick answer to the technical aspects of Kevin's question!


            And Kevin, I've got to tell you, your timing is perfect as far as asking about testpoints.


            We are hosting a webinar next Tuesday, about how to analyze, verify, and provide PCB test point coverage and reporting before releasing your PCB for fabrication.


            The webinar is June 5, at 2pm EDT. Registration and more info.


            I hope you'll attend!

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              Hi jmatthews,


              Thank you for your quick reply. I was able to create a new Via, I just can't figure out how to place them. When I did my initial design, I used the various rules and autorouter, and PADS placed all the Vias for me. How does one actually add additional Vias independently. Again, I've looked online, and for some reason I haven't been able to find anything.


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                Set your selection filter to 'nets' and then select the net that you want to add the via to.  Then <right-click> and you'll see 'add via'.

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                  Thanks to everyone so much!