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Four layer board with two ground planes, microstrip and stripline trace ???

Question asked by ksamrick on May 30, 2012
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Sorry to post again, but I had a quick question.  I've been asked  to design a board for the following:


"It would be great to have a board with two sets of coupled traces,  one set embedded between two planes and the other on the top layer. I've  attached a picture of what this would look like. The connectors on  either side should be able to connect to our high-speed signal  generator."


Attached is said pictre. Since there is no need for a Vcc plane, could I do the following Stack

  1. Signal
  2. Ground
  3. Signal
  4. Ground


I would have the microstrip traces on top and the stripline traces sandwiched between two ground planes. I'm not sure what sort of frequency signals they would want to use, maybe 100 MHz? This is technically RF, but it isn't in the GHz range. Could I get away with the above mentioned layout, or would I have to do a six layer board?


Thank you all so much for your help