Connect nets with colon for layers with "pin" purpose

Discussion created by mark.lin on Jun 1, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2012 by chris_balcom

I am doing LVS for the third-party design. The LVS is expected to be perfectly clean.

However, I am confused with the "Connect nets with colon" in Calibre. When I check this box in Calibre, I still got more nets in layout than in schematic since nets with colon still were NOT virtually connected in layout.    Frustrated after many iterations, I physically modified the layout by changing all top-level nets with colon from the "pin" purpose to "drawing" purpose.  Then, I got a smiling face.  Since I may still have hundreds of layout cells that have the same problems, is there any SVRF command that I can have virtual net connection with "pin" purpose layers instead of the more intuitive "drawing" purpose layers?