LVS issue when "OEN"port of Bi-direction IO tie to "VDD"

Discussion created by 51tz on Jun 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2012 by chris_balcom

Hi Guys,


There is bi-direction type IO in the design. Some needs to tie "OEN" port to VDD net. After LVS check, Calibre reports as below:


Layout                                         Source


Net: VDD                                     VDD

** Missing Connection **               Xpad_A: OEN

** Missing Connection **               Xpad_B: OEN

** Missing Connection **               Xpad_C: OEN

** Missing Connection **               Xpad_D: OEN

** Missing Connection **               Xpad_E: OEN


I got confused, as source appears "OEN=VDD" in PINS statement of subckt, why it failed consequentlly?


By the way, "Port" and "Instance" of top cell matches!