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    Various problems moving from DxDesigner 2004 to the latest version


      I have a number of projects that have to be moved to whatever the latest version of DxDesigner is (Help/About doesn't seem to know).


      I have followed the directions in a document called  " Recommended steps for migrating a design in the independent flow".

      I can open the Dashboard, and add an existing project (.dproj).

      I can start DxDesigner.


      When I File/Open/Project, I get a box that has the .dproj file listed.  Double clicking on it leads to a dialog box that says "This project cannot be opened because it does not belong to supported flows"


      Questions: What are "supported flows" and how do I connect an existing project to one? I am only doing schematic capture; PCB layout happens elsewhere.


      When I try to create a new project, I get a dialog box that says: "File not found".  The box's title is "DxProjects70".

      Question: What does that mean, and what file is it looking for?

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          I've been having the same problem, I'm just curious if you ever found the issue. I think it might have something to do with admin priviledges because at my office, I have separate account for admin priviledges and DxD doesn't have these errors. Problem is that I need to be on my regular account to access our network and that's where DxD gives me these exact errors. Sorry to get your hopes up with a reponse and no solution but this one is blowing my mind.

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            A potential cause of this error message is that the standard directory is missing the template files found in:


            %SDD_HOME%\standard\templates\DxDesigner\expedition for Expedition flow  (default.prj)


            and %SDD_HOME%\standard\templates\DxDesigner\netlist for pads flow (pads_template.prj)


            Check to see if you have these files within this directory. If the problem persists I would suggest replacing these files with the default template files shipped with DxDesigner.


            If this is not the case then it potentially could be an issue with your environmental variables that you have on your working computer. Please clean the variables generated by the older version to resolve this issue.


            If you are on maintence and need the template files are still having issues please open a service request on SupportNet and we will help you through this problem.