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Opening a old project in DxDesigner/PADS 9.3

Question asked by david.troike on Jun 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2012 by Gary_Lameris

I am new to DxDesigner.  I recently have been employed by a company that uses PADS 9.3.   I am unable to open any of the previous designs.   There is no one here that has any previous expertise with DxDesigner/PADS 9.3.  I keep getting a WIR error when I attempt to open a project.  


Based on the posts it appears I need to have the older versions of the software to recreate the WIR files.  I don’t have access to the older programs.  I have asked everyone in my company if the old versions exist and I get the same story that the person I replaced took care of all the DxDesigner information.


I find it very odd you would need to have the older programs to open into a newer version of the software.   I have watched the webinar and read the blogs but I just don’t have time to keep working on this problem.  I am new at this company and it is frustrating to tell someone you can’t open the files because it is an older version.  They don’t believe I am having this trouble.  I get the response;” AutoCAD, Word, Excel, Altium and other programs don’t need to rely on the older version to convert to the newer”.   DxDesigner is not providing me with the ability to perform my job and prove they made a good choice in hiring me.


Bottom line is how do I open an old project in DxDesigner using only the version I have installed.



I have used Tango, EasyPC, Altium, Orcad, and Eagle and felt I would have no problem with DxDesigner.  I have heard good things about the program but so far I am not having any luck with it.  The learning curve is steeper than I would have imagined.