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    Pyxis layout




      I have recently installed Pyxis 10.0 in order to make some DRC, LVS checks with Calibre.

      I noticed that all cells in libraries(e.g MGC_IC_DEVICE_LIB) have only a schematic view . I was expecting to find a layout view for these basic cells. Do i have to add other libraries or  there some settings in order to visualize the layout view for these basic cells(e.g the layout view for a nmos transistor)?

      I could not find any Pyxis layout tutorials, i would appreciate if you could give me some references.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Hi Florin,


          The MGC_IC_DEVICES_LIB does not contain any layout views as it is not targetted at a particular technology process, the devices here are for use in test benches, generic system study, or eductional use. To create a layout for fabrication you will require a technology design kit (TDK) for the particular process that you are targetting which will contain the correct device generators to enable you to build your design layout.  You will have to contact your foundry to obtain this.  Regarding a tutorial for learning Pyxis we can provide you with this material so please contact your Mentor representative.


          Many thanks


          Paul Hudson

          Consultant Application Engineer

          DSM Division,

          Mentor Graphics

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            Hello Sir,

            I am new with pyxis layout environment, and using 0.35 um ams pdk(s35). I want to create a layout for on-chip spiral inductor, but my problem is in the pdk device generator is not available. Want to know how to create a device generator if one is missing.

            Thanks in advance.