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    Assembly drawings


      I have a question for all the users. How do you create your assembly drawings and do you ever supply colors in them? My assembly area is asking for silkscreen to be added and in color. We are still in 2007 and can not generate colors and we really don't want to comply by buying new software for this. I am aware 9.3 has this ability but we are not ready to move forward yet because of issues with Dxdesigner but want to know what the other users do. Thank you in advance.

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          Hi Kathy,


          I've moved your question from 'Ask the PADS Team' to the PADS Layout community where it will have a better chance of being seen by fellow designers.


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            Create a CAM document "Assembly Drawing", select a PDF or Postscript printer, and you can do full color outputs all day.



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              Hi Kathy,


              Assembly drawing  is used to let assembly-line  worker to check PBA,  so  it is prepared by process techinician. He/she use CAM package to output a assembly drawing t by reading Pads ASCII file or ODB++ etc,where he /she will do following things before outputing quality drawing:

              1) coloring component outline based on thi's type(TH,SMD), polarity

              2) adding assembly instructions

              3) completing Pin 1 identificaiton mark if component missed it.


              Almostly every CAM pacakge have capibilities to support Coloring component, completing pin 1 idendification etc, and create outline graphics on the fly.



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                1. Create a CAM document "Assembly Drawing

                2. Click  Print under “ Output Device.

                3 Click Layers Under “ Customize Documents” ( Color Template will pop-up)

                4. Select Top or Bottom layer  under “ Selected “

                5. Select the color and then click “ Items on Primary”



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                  Hello All,



                          We are using an old method  for colouring the Assembly layout ,open the pdf file in paint brush and give the outline to different colours, But I tried your suggested method,its pretty nice and we can also add any Assembly  information easily in CAM document ,it is fast process...thanks for sharing the information.



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