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    Update Part not working correctly


      We are using 2011.1.SP1204.18, IT hasn't gotten the latest updates in yet since we can't afford the down time (Yes, a day is too much, we are crazy busy)


      I noticed that "Update Part" is not working correclty. I've added a picture to illustrate.  You are looking at the schematic for an interface to an aircraft engine nacelle, Pin GG name was changed from GPC_GLOW_ENABLE to GP Sense, but when update is run it try to change GG to Fuel Pump Override which is on PIN K.  We see similar behavior to Fire Sense(Pin FF) which is renamed to Fire Sense 1 but it tries to change it to Header Low Fuel(Pin C).


      I don't see how we could screw this up and it is a rather serious bug.