Xilinx Virtex-6 GTH IBIS-AMI model simulation with HyperLynx?

Discussion created by weiming.qian on Jun 15, 2012
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So far, Xilinx has released its virtex-6 GTH (10Gbps) IBIS-AMI simulation kit ONLY for SiSoft QCD software. I'd like very much to simulate this 10Gbps GTH IBIS-AMI model in HyperLynx, but really do not know how. Has anybody cracked this?


As far as I understand, IBIS-AMI is an open standard, which should be able to be used with all compatible simulation tool. Why did Xilinx only release a simulation kit for a specific simulation tool other than a open IBIS-AMI model as it did with virtex-6 GTX INIS-AMI model?