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    Query Coupling Capacitance from RVE




      I am relatively new to Calibre  PEX/RVE.  I would like to know if there is a programmatic way to query the coupling capacitance from net  A to net B in RVE or by using the Database query interface.  I tried exporting parasitic summary but that only gives total R and total C.


      Anybody have any advice?



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          The PEX RVE default view consists of the Layout and source netlist names along with the total calculated R & C for those nets. If you want more details about these nets like say Coupling cap to other nets (CC) , Point-to-point resistance (P2P)  etc then you need to double click on the net names displayed in the default view.  Double-clicking on any particular net will open more parasitic information related to that net.  See the snapshot below for guidance. In the snapshot double-clicking on the ENL net in the top default view opens up more parasitic information related to that net.



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            I have 3 wire bus on metal 6 and am trying to extract the coupling capacitances between the wires using calbre PEX.

            The wires are being driven by 100x inverters and i am supposed to observe the effect of crosstalk. therefore I need the values of the coupling capacitors.

            Could anyone please let me know as to how to extract them using Calibre PEX?