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Stimulus signal problem

Question asked by robert.white on Jun 20, 2012
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I am a student researching signal integrity and I am new to Hyperlynx SI, so this question may have a simple answer:


When stimulating various nets, for crosstalk investigation, on a PCB design (I am using BoardSim) with different signals, I seem to get strange results,




D1 is stimulated with a signal.

D2 & D3 are the aggressor nets, and are being stimulating with different signals


When I simulate this , the signals on D2 & D3 are shown to be the same as the signal on D1.


This was carried out by stimulating the signals per net, however, when I used the 'stimulated per pin' option, I got the results I expected(ie signals on D2 & D3 are different from D1).  I am wondering why this is happening??


I do not know if this is either a problem with the way I am stimulating the signals, or if my understanding of 'stimulating per net' is wrong??


Anything that can clear up the difference between the two stimulate settings: 'Per Net' & 'Per Pin', would be greatly appreciated.