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    Backups per design


      In Pads when using Options-Global-Backups-Backup file is there a way to set the backup file name and location per design?

      So that when you switch between designs this information is preserved with the database information.

      I frequently switch between designs and always forget to change file name and location for backups.


      Thanks, Joe

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          In PADS Layout, select <Tools><Options> and look on the 'Global' page.  You'll see all the settings at the bottom.  I believe everything you want to do has been standard since V9.0.  There may be additional bells and whistles in 9.3 or newer.

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            You can enable "Use design name in backup file name".

            And maybe also "Create backup files in design directory".

            I'm not sure when these options was added. But they exist in PADS 9.3.1.




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              I prefer to use the old fashion manual "work in progress" backup method. Periodically saving and incrementing the file name. eg  Project_A _wip023.


              If or when Pads Crashes, I have a choice of restoring the latest auto backup or my last save.


              In addition, I can go back a few saves, eg to Project_A_wip018, and review the layout prior to importing a new net list...or ... to see if ECO changed or unrouted a LONG complicated trace instead of swapping pins a few mils apart.

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                If you tell PADS you want N backups, then the files have a suffix of 0 thru N-1.


                Are you saying you prefer some intelligence to your backups instead of automated backups?