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    Attribute Editing


      In Pads Logic I want to basically edit attributes in a batch mode to eliminate the tedious exercise of opening each component indiviudally. I know I can use the "Attribute to Excel" script or Library Manager -List to File  to export out the desired attribute information but how do I import back into the schematic or library? Also, I believe we can create an attribute template or default attribute list in part editor that applies to new parts, but can we apply the default list to an exisiting part? In other words, as my parts library evolves, there is often the need to add or remove part attributes for BOM purposes, so instead of walking through each part and manually adding/deleting, I would like to upload a default template.


      Any suggestions?

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          I've done some of this so I'm interested to see what others post.


          In Logic you can select multiple parts and then <right-click> and bring up the attributes.  At that point you can change any common attributes to a single value (Geometry.Height = 3.4mm).


          In the Library Manager, use the 'Export' button instead of the 'List to File' button.  Then you can make changes to the ASCII file and import the changes back in.


          You can also use the Attribute Manager (<Edit><Attribute Manager...>) to change things specifically for a given schematic.  Note that this is different than the Attribute Manager in the Library Manager dialog that allows you to change attributes in the Library.

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            Great help, I appreciate the feedback! I should've known the first method since I use the "select all" components when saving parts to PCB p/n specific library...