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How to update instances of hierarchical blocks

Question asked by benjamin.couillard on Jun 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2012 by Gary_Lameris

Hi everyone,


I created a hierarchical with a lot of components and one resistor that has a value of 150 ohm. I instantiated 16 times this block and I can "push" on the 16 instances and see the various instantiated blocks. If I click on the resistor I can see that both the block value and the instance value are 150 ohms.


Now, say I want to change the value of the resistor in hierarchical block to 100 ohms. I'm able to change the value in the hierarchical block, but in any of the 16 instances the instantiated value stays 150 ohm (but the block value is 100 ohm). How can I force the 16 instantiated blocks to have a value of 100 ohms? I tried updating the symbol and "updating other objects" but nothing worked. Does someone know how ?


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