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    PADS 9.4.1 FTE?


      I am getting various numerous seemingly unrelated Fatal Runrime Errors in both PADS 9.4.1 Layout

      and Pads 9.4.1 Router environments. Different databases, performing different functions at the time.


      It is almost becoming a "Trend" with this version. Has anyone else noticed an increase in 9.4.1 FTE's?


      I am becoming nervous about installing for the whole site.



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          I upgraded to 9.4.1 from 9.3 at the start of the week and am having the same problems. I've seen the error 4 times in Pads Logic this morning, like you, at seemingly unrelated times. I've seen a lot of other posts on the fatal runtime error but most seem to occur when performing a specific task. Is there something wrong with the install or is it a big problem mentor are working on?!

          Does anyone have any ideas for a fix?