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rotated footprint generated from wizard, left with artifact, how to fix?

Question asked by quirkz on Jul 2, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2012 by DenisL

Hi, the problem is the thin purple box below.  I generated a decal for a QFN part using the wizard (partial decal in the lower right of image).  Later, I noticed that I had put the pin 1 on the wrong corner.  I opened the decal editor, box selected the whole decal, and did a rotate 90 operation.   Looked fine, with pine 1 correct I saved and exited.  Then I saw the purple box in PADS layout, appearing as if it was part of the decal but did not have the rotate operation applied to it.


Where is it coming from?  Whatever layer it is part of does not show up in my decal editor.  So it is invisible in the decal editor (with min display width for a line set to 0) but visible back in PADS layout.  I think it is some assembly layer and I am concerned that the centroid info is messed up now because of this artefact. 


Thanks for any help!